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Sport rehabilitation coaching – Harry von Piekartz

Sport rehabilitation coaching (SRC) is special for (top) athletes that are not sufficiently recover from their symptoms and do not respond on professional treatments that so far have been applied. Consequences that the general policy to recovery and training building has been lost.


Athletes who eligible for SRC

  • Recurrent or persistent symptoms after intensive treatment of professional aid workers such as sports-Manuel therapists, sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons.
  • Unclear rehabilitation policy on the short and longer term with multiple causes many (different diagnose and opinions.)
  • Unclearness about the tasks training building possible in connection with the complaints.
  • Second opinion about recovery, rehabilitation and prognosis.


What does the sports rehabilitation coach?

A. Carefully neuromuskeloskeletal research
Involving all facets of the musculoskeletal system through clinical tested is tested. This is a functional clinical research, which can be supplemented with external measuring instruments such as ultrasound, three-dimensional Sonar graphic research, dynamometry and 3D walk-movement analysis.

B. Mental screening
Survey in collaboration with psychologist.

C.Preparation of a rehabilitation plan on size
If research shows that the complaint recovery is, the individual policy will turned off and there will be made forecast.

D. Implementation of the rehabilitation plan
This is made possible in cooperation with a (sport) physical therapist, (sport) doctor in the periphery where the coaching of the athlete and the practitioner at the rehabilitation coach. Also the athlete will be regularity return at the sport rehabilitation coach (SRC) and intensive systematic digital communication takes place between the SRC and the athlete during the rehabilitation process.

E. Closing
During the rehabilitation plan (sub) goals should be achieved. Also the alternative goals should be formulated if goals cannot accomplished. On this way the method is transparent and can be evaluated or the end goal will be reached. The athlete and the SRC are free at the whole trial to break the contract.


The experience of Harry von Piekartz
Harry has played for 10 years first league Water polo and years he was strength trainer and physiotherapist from the Dutch women Water polo team. He has 2 daughters that play international on the highest level Volleyball.

He is Professor of physical therapy in Osnabrück (D), leads projects science of motion system, is teacher Manuel therapy International Maitland Teacher Association- IMTA and works in a private practice in Ootmarsum (NL) where he treats athletes.

He has years of experience with handling and guiding (top) sporters with persistent symptoms and has develop a professional network through his own network (see publications and research).



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