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International Maitland Teachers’ Assocciation

What is IMTA®? https://www.imta.ch/en/

The IMTA is an international association of dedicated postgraduate teachers of manual therapy. The association is committed to the standardisation, development and promotion of manual therapy according to the Maitland Concept.
IMTA ‘s postgraduate courses in manual therapy according to the Maitland Concept aim to improve the skills of their participants in the treatment of movement dysfunction and thereby to contribute to the improvement of the management of patients with neuromusculoskeletal problems. IMTA is a financially, politically and religiously independent organisation.


Among the main responsibilities of our association are
– to publicise, propagate and further disseminate the Maitland Concept of manual therapy.
– to co-ordinate IMTA® recognised courses and to increase their supply.
– to standardise and continue to develop the courses in manual therapy according to the Maitland Concept in order to maintain and enhance their high standards.
– to support the members of the society in carrying out their IMTA® courses.
– to train and support new IMTA® recognised teachers (assistants).
– to monitor the continuing education of IMTA® teachers.
– to co-ordinate IMTA® quality assurance programs and to monitor


IMTA® courses accordingly
– to maintain the registered trade mark IMTA® and to protect it from abuse.
– to organise meetings, events and training programs to promote the exchange of ideas and their implementation among our members and our market partners.
– to co-operate in a spirit of partnership with the organisers of courses and associations which represent the Maitland Concept in the various countries where IMTA® courses are held.


The IMTA® was founded in Zurzach, Switzerland, in 1992 by a group of teachers trained by Geoffrey D. Maitland, Peter Wells and Gisela Rolf in Bad Ragaz and in Zurzach, Switzerland.
Since then the group has continued to develop until today we have 21 members holding courses regularly in 8 European countries.


Manual Therapy
Orthopaedic Manual Therapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy / physical therapy for the management of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, based on clinical reasoning, using highly specific treatment approaches including manual techniques and therapeutic exercises.
Orthopaedic Manual Therapy also encompasses, and is driven by, the available scientific and clinical evidence and the biopsychosocial framework of each individual patient (IFOMT May 2004).

– IFOMT: International Federation of Orthopaedic manipulative Therapy (http://www.ifompt.org). IFOMT is subsidiary to the World Congress of Physical Therapy (WCPT).

– OMT: Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.