harry von piekartz

Vita Harry von Piekartz:

Academic Qualifications

1985 B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Hogeschool Enschede NL)
1999 M.Sc. Physiotherapy (Catholic University in Leuven (B))
2005 PhD in Movement and Rehabilitation Science (Stafford University (UK)

Outline of Work Experience

1985 – 1999 Physical and manual Therapist (Practice for physical therapy and manual therapy, Rijssen(NL)
Since 2003 Consultancy in chronic orofacial Rehabilitation (Department of Dentistry, City Hospital Hengelo)
Since 2000 Specialised Therapist in orofacial pain chronic sport injuries and chronic pain (Practice for manual therapy and applied neurobiomechanical Science, Ootmarsum)
Since 2006 President of the international Cranial Facial Therapy Academy (CRAFTA)
Since 2007 Fellow of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopaedics Germany (ICCMO)
Since 2008 Consultancy in Physical Therapy (INAP/O – Institute of Applied Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück)
Since 2008 Advisory Board Manual Therapy (uptill 2010) ,Journal of Craniomandibular Function (Int. peer reviewed Journals), Physiotherapie(German) , Manuelle Therapie (German)

Outline of Teaching Tutoring & Examining Experience in Manipulative Therapy

1999 – 1994 International Teacher , Lecturer in Manual Therapy (Maitland concept) (International Teacher Association (IMTA –CH))
Since 1993 Teacher postgraduate courses in Assessment and management of nervous system dysfunctions and pain (Neuro-orthopeadic Institute (NOI- Australia))
Since 2003 Examiner in Advanced Practice Programmes including   special specialist Manipulative Programmes (IMTA –CH and CRAFTA –D)
Since 2004 Teacher oral facial physical therapy (Cranial Facial Therapy Academy(CRAFTA-D))
Since 2005 Educational coordinator of the Master of Professional in manual therapy Maitland –concept Maitland in the Netherlands (Hogeschool (HU) Utrecht)
Since 2007 International Lecture on international Congress and Conferences in physical therapy, manual therapy and rehabilitation
Since 2008 Lecturer in Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation science and Evidence Based Practice (University of applied Science -Faculty of Business, Management and Social Science at Osnabruck, (Germany))


Outline of Teaching Tutoring & Examining Experience with other Professions

Since 2001 Teacher Neuromusceloskeletale oral facial Assessment for Dentist (German and Dutch Dentist Associations)
Since 2008 Lecture MA in Management and Business (University of applied Science -Faculty of Business, Management and Social Science at Osnabruck, (Germany))
Since 2012 Study leader MSc Manual Therapy (OMT) University of Applied Science Osnabruck( Germany)